Barbarian. Gothic Old School 3D Action RPG v0.8.1 MOD

barbarian gothic old school 3D action rpg v0.8.1 mod

Go on the greatest adventure of your life!
You have to go through fire and water! Conquer the peaks of the highest mountains and descend into deep dungeons straight to the devil!
Barbarian world is a world where you will determine your own destiny! 

This world is about to change. Maybe he will fall under the onslaught of dark forces. Or the light side wins. And whose side is the truth? No one can know that.
Play a crucial role in the story! And you have a choice!

The project “the Barbarian” is unique. Here you will not find the usual and boring rules of the game.
The game challenges the player and has a fairly high complexity in the development and in the passage. But in return you get freedom and a new world in which life you can influence for real!
This is a cruel and dangerous world. Be prepared for deceit and betrayal. Some characters may try to use you. You can be trapped, deceived, or simply killed and robbed.

Name: Barbarian. Gothic Old School 3D Action RPG
Version: 0.8.1
Root: No

Unlock paid content
*Three ring items in the game main menu interface, will enhance the character's attributes

Install Steps:

Playstore Link: Barbarian. Gothic Old School 3D Action RPG - Apps on Google Play
Download Link: MOD APK
Download Link OBB: MOD APK