Harbingers – Last Epic v1.11.9 [MOD]

harbingers-last-epic mod
Game Intro:
Hello Commander! The vanguard team has finished gathering! 
Destroy zombies, protect civilization, change destiny! 

【Characteristics of the game】

# Unique hero system 
Jean, Solomon, Oda Nobunaga, Arthur ... and hundreds of familiar heroes: Each has their own unique characteristics; Combining 2D drawings and 3D motion, creating an excellent body 

#Recovering resources offline, every harvest time 
Once you have occupied a certain area, you will be able to search offline, collect Collect a variety of resources to increase equipment and characters 

# Winning battles, unlocking PVE copies
A team of 6 people, based on job characteristics and factions to arrange various types of strategies; Light the skill table, specialized weapons to power the pioneers. Based on the characteristics of the opponent to arrange different battle teams will be able to automatically fight, can also use skills to create a lot of special tactics 

#Land, against the world 
You are confident with your team? So try to compete with commanders all over the world! 8 consecutive victories will also receive a super level chest! 

# Team of two people fighting zombie war 
Team together to destroy zombies tyrants, get many rare equipment 

# Fabrication of battleships, battle to discover
Battleship attacks, defenses ... Many types of ships fighting side by side together you fight 

# Build guilds, get many benefits 
Build guilds, get free benefits every day, and complete guild members As a Guild mission, there will be many 


Name: Harbingers - Last Epic
Version: 1.11.9 
Root: No

Mod Features:

How to install:
1-Uninstall original game.
2-Download and Install modded APK.

Playstore Link: Harbingers - Last Epic - Apps on Google Play

Download Here: