LYN: The Lightbringer v1.16.0 [MOD]

Game Intro:
Vestri. The Light and Shadow Gods used to see this continent as their home, but this place now becomes their battlefield. After many chaos that seemed to last forever and unpredictable loss, the Light faction won. This war goes into history as the Battle of Vestri.
Then there were 200 years of peace, and the stories of brutality and heroism gradually became legendary. However, the greatest myths always live forever. When a pillar of light radiated from a young girl and opened to heaven, the conflicting wheels once again turned ...
Join LYN's exciting heroic team, each with its own fascinating story!
A hundred years ago, the Seraph Creator felt that humans were not worth living anymore. But before deciding their fate forever, the Seraph gave them a last chance - Lyn, the girl with the power to restore Light to this cursed world. Join the great heroes in the journey of supporting Lyn to save mankind!

► An Attractive and True Story
- Gather a knight team and start an epic adventure!

► Hard Heroes
- Enjoy beautiful and vivid graphics in stunning 3D!

► Live Competition, Strategy
- Fight for the throne through real-time PvP battles!

► Dynamic Market for Exchange Heroes and Items
- Discover a unique market system unlike any other RPG.

► Real-Time Pirates
- Lead the knights in Pirates to conquer powerful monsters!

Name: LYN: The Lightbringer
Version: 1.16.0

Mod Features:
✅ Damage multiple
✅ Defense multiple

How to install:
1-Uninstall original game.
2-Download and Install modded APK.

Playstore Link:  LYN: The Lightbringer

Download Here: