OH~! My Office - Simulation v1.3.2 MOD [UPDATE]

Game Intro:
Time Travel to Save Your Company!

The company your father built is about to go bankrupt. It is the last day. With all your employees packed and saying their farewells, only you and your loyal secretary Elsa remain to close up one final time. Right at this moment a mysterious girl Kana appears. She offers you the chance to travel to the past and change the fate of your company. She brings you back… all the way back to the day your father founded the company. Confused and lost in time, you hope to find your father to explain what has happened, but instead he has gone missing. You now must run the company in your father’s stead, find out what has happened to him, and all the while uncover how this mysterious Kana is involved with all of this...

Name: OH~! My Office - Simulation
Version: 1.3.2
Root: No

Mod Features:
Unlimited Currency
Can be obtained after completing the tutorial

How to install:
1-Uninstall original game.
2-Download and Install modded APK.

Credits: ?
Playstore Link: OH~! My Office - Simulation - Apps on Google Play

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Download Here:

Spoiler: OTHER VERSION: ✓ OH~! My Office - Simulation v1.3.1 MOD: Download Here