Đại Hiệp Piu Piu Piu v1.6 MOD Unlimited Mana


Game Description:

Ne! Shoot! New arrow shooting game, many martial arts schools wait for the Great Conquest to conquer!
VoGame for martial arts "Use your hands" to shoot at a new arrow!
É Dodge, shoot, launch moves, unleash piu piu piu gas gently past ải!
↠Two team members, crossing the stage with friends, Gypsy is not afraid of loneliness!
↠Kieu Phong, Delegation, Eastern unbeaten waiting for you to collect!
IếuThieu Lam, Vo Dang, Cai Bang and many martial arts schools waiting to conquer!
↠A series of super bosses and bosses waiting for a big fight to fight.

[Reminder]: The Boss of Dao Hoa Dao is Hoang Dung Big!
Game characteristics:

【Manually manipulate】 -Shoot, dodge, move the character, enjoy the feeling of negative shooting. Double team, blessed friends have the same art of self-relief together with the frontier!

【Random stomp】】 - you never guess how the latter will encounter an opponent.

【Special fashion】 - Undefeated Dong Phuong, Kieu Phong, Doan Du and many kinds of fashion waiting for you to collect.

【Martial Arts Training】 - Phai Hoa Son, Phai Sha Lam, Phai Nga Mi .. the sects that help you become martial arts masters.

【Classic Context】 - Hoa Son Mo Kiem, Dao Hoa Dao, Wudang Mountain, Shaolin Temple wait for a great battle!

【Weapons of various types】 - more than 100 types of weapons including bows, crossbows, knives, swords, and fans

Bosses sv- All the people beat bosses, receive rich gifts

Name: Đại Hiệp Piu Piu Piu
Version: 1.6
Root: No
OBB: Yes

MOD Features:
1.Unlimited Mana

How to install:
1.Uninstall original game.
2.Download and Install modded APK.

Credits: GNaFF
Playstore Link: Google Playstore
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