On the Q.T. v1.0.2.a MOD Unlimited Tickets


Game Description:

A hidden dream, undisclosed desires.

◆Recommended users
・Users who want to play free games
・Users who have an interest in Japanese content
・Users who like Japanese comics and anime
・Users who want to fall in love with an attractive male
・Users who want to read an exciting and sweet story
・Users who want to play games in their spare time

◆Play Instructions
You can continue to read a story by using a key to open up another chapter.
You can aqcuire keys at the shop by either purchasing them or exchanging them for points you collected for free.
By saving up points, you can read all stories for free.
Even if you do not have any more keys, you can still read a little further by watching the video.

How you choose could determine whether you become closer to him !?
Take delight in a secret romance with a pop idol.

Ema, our heroine. She's worked really hard to achieve her goal of becoming a singer.
After debuting as a member of the eight-member idol unit "Lu-ce", she achieved success and renown as a tremendously popular idol.
Yet in a group known best for perfectly synchronised dance sequences, it wasn't possible to shine through with her singing.
Ema had lost sight of her original goal and was losing interest in show business, but after coming into contact with the popular idol group "Un:Finish", her life began to take a new turn.

An eight-member idol group of which our heroine is also a member.
Boasting many members with excellent physiques, this group's bold and aggressive dance sequences enjoy popularity.
Their songs are catchy, and the lyrics are often written from a woman's perspective.
They achieved success as a top idol group by energetically showing their gratitude to their fans through various fan events, such as "Gimme Five" or "Shake Hands with Us" events.

A recently debuted four-member idol group produced by a long-standing promotion agency.
Apart from Keima Shimazaki, who was already a member of the agency, the other three members were chosen after auditioning approximately 10,000 people from the general public.
Thanks to being thoroughly trained in order not to appear too new, young, and inexperienced, the group quickly became popular within the first year after debuting.

Name: On the Q.T.
Version: 1.0.2.a
Root: No

MOD Features:
1.Unlimited Points
2.Unlimited Keys
3.Unlimited Ruby
4.Unlimited Tickets

How to install:
1.Uninstall original game.
2.Download and Install modded APK.

Credits: Bedo13
Playstore Link: Google Playstore
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