Tình Kiếm 3D - Tinh Kiem 3D v1.0.30 MOD One Hit Kill | God mode


Game Description:

Love Sword 3D - Extreme swordplay is the new king of the swordplay martial arts game series is set in the story of Nhat Kiem Giang Ho with the realistic and familiar 3D graphics platform to bring the experience of a Sword World Full of Beauty.

Love Sword 3D has all the features of a classic Sword Sword Warrior game such as: Song Kim battlefield, Cong Thanh Chien, guild fire, auction of items, hunting golden Boss, making war god, Treasure map, sectarian competition, clan hegemony, free trade ... bring an experience that is both familiar and new.

With the variety and customization of martial arts, Tinh Kiem 3D promises to be one of the best martial arts products in Vietnamese gaming.

** Featured **
1. Extreme 3D graphics - Full Sword World
Genuine images with familiar 2.5D perspective will bring you a world of colorful and impressive swordplay. Leading the era of Game swordplay 3D on mobile.

2. Vo Lam endless faction - Mastery of five great - The revolution of the new generation Sword Hiep series Unique tactics, free conversion of spirit and system of tactics to become the Master of martial arts (holy swords, king emperors, kingship, musketeers, generals). From there, you can customize using the tactics of 12 majestic Jiang Ho sects such as: Cai Bang, Shaolin, Nga My, Hoa Son, Kunlun, Tang Mon

3. Hoa Son Luan Kiem - Contemplating the throne of Vo Lam Minh Chu
Role-playing on the street wanderer everyone wants to become Minh Chu Vo Lam. But in 3D Love, great union must master the five temperament: Sword, Bow, Right, O, Cam.

4. TONG KIM battlefields familiar to everyone
In order to capture the entire Southern Song, Kim Quoc colluded with the Magi, also known as the Ming religion and the other sects of Trung Nguyen, to disturb the Wanderer, causing the martial arts to rise. Dai Hiep will have to role-play and fight with thousands of people with fierce PK battlefield: PvP 1vs1, 3vs3, 30vs30, territorial scramble, Tong Kim battlefield, Bach Ho Duong glass bow, the memories of Sword World re-enact strongly. strong.

5. Extreme mounts system
With thousands of beasts with beauty reaching the Extreme, the great union can ride on the beast. Not stopping there, the beasts battle the battle with the beast battle field of PvP 6vs6 extremely attractive.

6. Love try 7 days PK 7 lives - Extreme products Hiep Hiep Love
The system of true and romantic love. First time experience 7 days of love try, get married with a fan. Freedom to date, regardless of gender.

7. Diverse feature system - Standard Vo Lam
- Freedom to create characters, over 100 pages of foreign quality.
- PK guild freely picnic map, resolving resentment resentment, delineation of strength.
- The guild unites to defeat the enemy, destiny, training, crafting, sharing benefits ...
- The Golden Boss hunting team picnic, hunting boss Qin Hoang extremely sought after.
- Equipment is not locked, free to trade, get rich is not difficult.

** Plot **
Minh Giao invaded the Central Highlands, wiping out all the sects. People in Gypsy seek to defeat Minh Giao Legend on the Wanderer still lost the secret to learn martial weapons, the person who gathered will learn how to train martial arts spirit weapons (Sword, Bow, Right, O) in vo lam.
4 people in the Wanderer create these 4 gods, they will be enlightened and cultivated 4 sets of martial arts like that,
becoming the four great martial arts (holy sword, emperor, king right, musk god)
Vo Lam quartet each single person went to conquer Minh Giao, but due to the war, it failed. The last 4 people teamed up,
completely overthrow the Ming Church.
The world is peaceful, the 4 of them guard the 4 directions, but still want to fight with each other, find the strongest one. Fighting after 7 days at Hoa Son Luan Kiem, looking for Vo Lam Minh Chu. The duel keeps going on, 4 people who are on equal footing, who is the martial master, still haven't decided ...

The world is full of chaos, the living beings are grumbling ... Are you ready to incarnate in the martial arts world to join the heroic heroes to become the hero of martial arts to save the computer in 3D Love - Extreme Product Sword Hiep yet?

Name: Tình Kiếm 3D - Tinh Kiem 3D
Version: 1.0.30
Root: No
OBB: Yes

MOD Features:
1.One Hit Kill
2.God mode

How to install:
1.Uninstall original game.
2.Download and Install modded APK.

Credits: AndnixSH
Playstore Link: Google Playstore
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