Dark Days: Zombie Survival v1.3.1 MOD Increases Currency

dark days zombie survival

Game Description:

Earth is different now. An unknown disease has nearly wiped out the human race, leading to an eternal struggle for survival.
Almost the entire population has turned into bloodthirsty zombies.
The end of the world comes and the cities are filled with zombies. The army dropped nuclear bombs on the most affected areas, but it was too late. The pandemic was out of control. All hope is lost.
People flee from the city to seek shelter from the undead.
They began to build shelters to survive the last days in the new post-apocalyptic setting.
Fight. Collect resources. Build a shelter! Survive!

Dark Days is a tactical survival shooter!
Dark Days combines the best parts of shooters and survival games.
Your task? Build the ultimate shelter, collect resources, craft weapons and equipment, and wipe out hordes of zombies craving for human flesh in the post-apocalyptic world.
Survive to the end and bring the hope of building a new world!

Name: Dark Days: Zombie Survival
Version: 1.3.1
Root: No

MOD Features:
1.Increases Currency
2.Increases items
3.Increases points

How to install:
1.Uninstall original game.
2.Download and Install modded APK.

Credits: ?
Playstore Link: Google Playstore
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