Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.17.5 MOD Free Crafting

last day on earth

Game Descreption:
Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD (Free Crafting) - The survival game is receiving a lot of attention from everyone.
Set in a post-apocalyptic world: in 2027, the world witnessed an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed nearly all of humanity. And all those dead people started turning into zombies and a few blood-resisting survivors trying to survive on the ruins of the once great world.
Your mission is to make every effort to survive in such conditions. Are you ready to participate and experience?

 Name: Last Day on Earth: Survival

 Version: 1.17.5
 Root: No
 OBB: No
 Category: Action
 Playstore Link: Google PlayStore

MOD v1:
1. Free crafting and building.
2. Infinite skill points (you can spend them even if you do not have enough of them).
3. Division of single things.
4. Eating any food satisfies hunger and thirst as much as possible.
5. All skins and modifications for the chopper are open.
6. After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, which has the following options:

• Dividing items increases their number.
• Open all crafting recipes (regardless of character level).
• Instant movement on foot across the global map (events do not appear without wasting energy).
• Open all events (may break the game).
• First aid kits and food are not spent after use (disable if you cannot place items).
• Receive an unknown box + raiders will appear in the home location (you need to go to the map and return to the location after switching, use only when switching to the map and when returning to the home location).
• Immortality.
• High damage.
• Fast walk.
• Mobs stand still.

The mod does not work in multiplayer locations! For entering them with burglary, the game can ban you!

MOD v2:
1. MOD Menu
2. Free crafting and construction (does not work in PvP zones, including Sector 7).
3. Free update
4. All recipes are open
5. Fast crafting on Workbench
6. Duplication of single items
7. When split resources, their number increases
8. Durability weapon
9. Instant travel on foot on the map
10. Unlocked all events on the global map
11. Unlimited food
12. Boost, x2 HP and other

• Kevlar Helmet
• Kevlar Body Armor
• Kevlar Trousers
• Kevlar Boots
• Mortar
• Metal Pipe
• Assault Helmet
• Assault Body Armor
• Assault Trousers
• Assault Boots
• ATV Transmission
• C-4 Explosive
• Clan Banner
• Explosive Material
• Tactical Backpack
• Hand Pump
• Repair Station
• Zombie Truck
• Chemistry Station
• S&W Magnum
• Land Mine
• MI24
• Electronics Lab
• The Dragunov
• Metal Cutter

How to install:
1. Uninstall original game.
2. Download and Install modded APK.
3. Enjoy.

1. Download OBB files.
2. Download mod APK.
3. Move OBB Files to Android/OBB folder in your device.
4. Install mod APK.
5. Enjoy.

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