Dream League Soccer 2021 v8.04 MOD Everything Unlocked + More [18 Features!]

dream league soccer

Game Descreption:
Dream League Soccer MOD (APK, Everything Unlocked) for Android - The sports game for mobile is no stranger to players.
Dream League Soccer 2021 works with a fresh look with brand new features.
Build the team of your dreams and join matches with the best soccer clubs in the world.
Enjoy the player movements recorded in full 3D motion. Beautiful games have never been so good!

 Name: Dream League Soccer 2021

 Version: 8.04
 Root: No
 OBB: No
 Category: Sports
 Playstore Link: Google PlayStore
 Credit: TheArmKing

MOD Features:
1. MOD Menu
2. Dumb AI // AI Doesn't do anything
3. Dumb GoalKeeper // GK doesn't do anything
4. No Foul // No Fouls for tackle or keeper
5. No Offside // Offsides are not triggered
6. No Injuries // Players never get injured
7. Unlimited Substitutions // Can Substitute more than 3 players (not at once)
8. Unlimited Stamina // Stamina Never Decreases
9. Freeze Game Clock // Freezes Match Time
10. Throw In = Halftime // Throw In Ends the Current Half
11. Custom Kit/Logo Unlocked // Can use Custom Kit and Logo
12. All Customizations Unlocked // Kits/Logo/Coach Customizations
13. All Emojis Unlocked // All Emojis for Online
14. All Formations Unlocked // All Player Formations Usable
15. No Ads // Removes Ads at Halftime and Instant Skip Bonus Ad
16. No Forfeit Penalty // Forfeiting the match won't add any goals to enemy team
17. 15 Goals // Adds 15 Goals instead of 1 (Works for enemy too so turn on only when you score)
18. Clear Goals // Scoring a goal sets it to 0 (Turn it on and score own goal to remove any goals against you)

How to install:
1. Uninstall original game.
2. Download and Install modded APK.
3. Enjoy.

  How to enable necessary permissions:
1. Only necessary on Android 6+..
2. Open the app info for Dream League Soccer 2020.
3. Go to permissions, enable: Storage.
4. Go to advanced and activate overlay/draw over other apps permission.
-> Overlay permission might be located and named different on each brand.

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